WATER & Mold DAMAGE Restoration Services

APDR Restoration delivers fast-paced, professional water damage repair and maintenance to Sacramento and the surrounding area. Our Water Damage Restoration team of experts can resolve your water damage issues quickly and professionally. We offer flexibility when scheduling our water damage restoration services; working within your time and budget. APDR is an experienced team of water damage restoration professionals with a focus on hands-on customer service.


What Is Water Clean Up & Restoration?

Water Extraction

Remove the standing water or sewage from the affected areas.

Removal and Disposal

Properly dispose of all damaged and unsalvageable items.

Structural Drying

Dry out the structure of the area using air movers and dehumidifiers.

Mold Prevention

Disinfect the area to prevent mold from developing over time.

Rebuild and Restoration

Rebuild the affected area to its original condition.

Common Causes of Water & Mold Damage


Catherine Thirkill


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I really had a great experience with this group, I am a relatively new homeowner and I had water damage and I was so worried about what I needed to do to get it fixed. Everyone at this APDR was so
down to earth and explained everything to me and answered all my questions. Whenever I had any
questions between visits they would pretty quickly text me back or get back to me, I really greatly appreciated it Also they did a great job on the restoration project itself. I felt like they really made an effort to try to keep my house as clean as possible despite the demo happening. I can highly recommend this business.

Service: Water damage-related cleanup & repair.

Anhar Alam


Positive: Professionalism

Working with APDR has been a great experience! Raimee is very quick to respond to texts and to communicate everything well to me on project updates. I ended up having water damage on my upstairs bathroom floor and it was soaking through to the ceiling below it. After meeting with Raimee & Tyson and the crew and having the exact situation explained and how it would work, as well as them. Dealing with my homeowner’s insurance, I decided to do business. The whole process went smoothly without any hiccups and couldn’t be happier with the service.

Carol Yax


I hired this company after quote shopping around for around the Sacramento area, spoke over the phone with them after finding them on the web and I found they were able to tell me what I needed to hear. They were able to schedule the same week & come out to inspect the issue (water leak from the ceiling). Tyson & the crew were able to get the problem solved & Raimee was great on the phone and during the entire process. I would recommend them.


When Misfortune Comes, We're a Call Away

We’re available to help with all your water damage needs. We offer free estimates and our technicians are available 24/7. 

We are the go-to company for flood cleanup and emergency restoration. If your house is flooded and you need water extraction, give us a call or fill out our contact form to get started.

Do you have water leaks from plumbing or flood water from a storm? Not a problem, we make the restoration process easy.

There is always a team of trained professionals ready to serve you in your time of need, no matter the type of water. 

From a clean water leak to when you come back home to a flooded house after your 3-month vacation in Thailand, we do it all. 

When you need water out, you need a water mitigation crew to get to you fast; that’s why calling All Nation Restoration is a must.


The Water Damage Process*

*Each water damage is unique and requires a specific plan of action that often differs from another. Eg. Interior walls affected with clean water may not need to be removed and can be saved by opening up the wall cavity behind the baseboard.

About APDR Restoration

Tyson Dost is a licensed general contractor specializing in water & mold restoration. He is founder of the company & an expert in remediation & reconstruction in residential & commercial properties.

Raimee Ortega is general manager & responsible for all the day to day operations, billing and finances. She is a pro at dealing with home owners insurance & loves assisting homeowners with their restoration needs.

Harvey Anderson is an experienced foreman in general construction & has since become a mold & water specialist. He conducts mold testing, mitigation, restoration & assists with reconstruction jobs.

Jose Andres is a previous plumber who dealt with commercial & residential issues. He now brings his experience in that industry into the restoration profession & helps with the complex tasks associated with these problems.


The water damage restoration experts of APDR Restoration know that water damage can be unpredictable and often happens at inconvenient times. To save you time and money, our water restoration services are fast and professional – everytime. Call us at the first sign of trouble and we’ll get to work mitigating and repairing the damage.

If there’s anything our years of experience in water damage repair and restoration has taught us, it is how proper maintenance is vital to the health of your home. We strongly encourage regular inspections of your homes’ foundation, inner walls and tiles, sanitation fixtures and sewage areas. This helps you avoid future damage to other approximate areas of your home. Catching an issue early on, like a dysfunctional water flow or system, can help prevent future problems, such as mold.

We Accept All Major Insurance Companies Including


One of our top priorities is to provide Sacramento area households and commercial establishments the best restoration care and emergency water removal in Sacramento county that our experienced team members can give you. We always inspect and assess the water damaged area beforehand so we can give you a clear estimate of the cost upfront. We also bring our years of experience in preventative measures with us; ensuring your home is left more resistant to water damage than ever before.

Planning ahead and preparing your home for anything ensures you’ll always be ahead of the curve. We’re prepared for any water damage event. Our equipment is always at the ready as we anticipate any and every problem that can arise once repairs begin. Our Roseville-based 24/7 service team is on standby in case additional supplies are needed.


 At APDR Restoration, we do residential and commercial water restoration at any scale. Whether it’s the bathroom in your basement or broken barriers at a building, our technicians can get the job done right the first time.

The general difference between residential and commercial water damage restoration is the complexity of the structure’s water channel layout. A home will have a simpler system while a commercial structure will have a more complex system due to its large size. We’ve often found ourselves dealing with extensive commercial water damage with several floors of sinks and toilets connected to each other. Office building or personal residence, our water damage restoration team has years of experience in both circumstances.

As specialists, we are aware that an unfixed leak not only causes structural damage and mold issues, but can also cause inconvenience in your home or office’s daily routine. The faster the repair is fixed, the less damage occurs and the less stress you experience. Our water damage restoration technicians will thoroughly inspect every potential water source to find and repair any water damage and perform mold remediation.


Professional water damage restoration requires patience and skill. Our team has been doing this for so long that restoration and maintenance have become second nature to us. We are ready, day or night – wherever water damage strikes in Sacramento, we can guarantee an immediate visit. Our customer service representatives collect your information and promptly turn you over to our repair experts.


At APDR Restoration, we always give you a fair and complete estimate up front. The way we calculate your estimate is by analyzing the extent of the damage and projecting the cost of labor and materials. To bring you the best, we use the highest quality and most eco-friendly materials possible. We always make the time to address any of your concerns with the estimate prior to beginning your water damage restoration project.


Because every water damage restoration project is different, our team always tries to create the most suitable solution available. Our services cover installation of fixtures, repair and renovation, wall and foundation inspection and preventive maintenance. For commercial repairs, we use innovative methods with routine maintenance. When performing a full service clean-up, we miss nothing, striving to make your home or business better than it was before.


APDR Restoration has been serving the greater Sacramento area for years. Throughout that time, our dedicated team has delivered quality service with excellent customer service and our very informative experts. Our loyal clients are responsible for our solid reputation. Be sure to read what our clients have to say about their experience with our local water damage restoration team.

No matter how severe your water damage is, our water damage restoration team can fix it quickly with no hassle. Contact us for the water damage restoration company trusted by Sacramento locals for over a decade. We’re there when you need us.

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